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Our team has excellent relationships at all levels of the Canadian retailers.

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  Account Management

From forecasting initial sell in, to selecting a retailers’ preferred distributor – Odyssey is your local Canadian advisor to the Canadian market.

  Sell Through Focus

Working beyond placement on shelf – Odyssey will build the retailer promotional plan that delivers the strongest ROI

  Adding Value

Driving demand requires more than a retail presence. Odyssey can lead your eCommerce, social media and field merchandising initiatives.

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    Odyssey Partners has existing relationships with all major Canadian retailers.

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    Is there a future for department stores?

    Retail Drive shares an interesting history of North American department stores and their transformation from having personal stylists and babysitting to being cramped with products, sales and all being the same. Read the full article here.

    NHL Buys Carbon Credits

    The National Hockey League said it would purchase carbon credits to offset airline emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases during the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s exciting to see the slow but gradual adoption of leveraging carbon credits to help a business offset CO2 emissions … Read More…

    Compugen Finance launches carbon-neutral computer

    Compugen Finance is breaking ground with a new initiative: offering customers a carbon-neutral computer. Compugen Finance quantified the CO2 emissions reductions generated by the refurbishing and reselling process and presented its findings to the Canadian Standards Association, which approved the methodology and registered … Read More…

    US Thanksgiving weekend sales continue to break records

    Adobe Analytics data shows that US Thanksgiving day sales increased across the board from 2017. Thanksgiving Day (sales increase of 28 percent to $3.7 billion), Black Friday (23.6 percent, $6.2 billion),  the Saturday-Sunday period (25 percent, $6.4 billion), and as of 9:30 p.m., Cyber … Read More…

    Strong customer demand makes Versa the fastest selling product in Fitbit history

    With female health tracking, Fitbit users can better understand their overall health and wellness by accessing their data all in one place. Combined with the user’s sleep and activity data, Fitbit is providing a way for its users to gain a better understanding … Read More…

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