In-store Shopping Insights

The following is an excerpt from the article “Best Buy Demos Virtual Reality” written by  Dan Muller and featured on Total Retail


“According to Market Track’s 2016 Shopper Insight Series Survey, a significant portion of consumers choose to make purchases in-store because they value the ability to see and try the product in person. This was the second-most common response, trailing behind the ability to get the product immediately.




Additionally, the survey data shows us that once consumers enter a store, they’re very likely to make purchases. Eighty-nine percent of respondents said that they make purchases every time or more than half of the time when shopping in-store. As e-commerce becomes easier, more convenient and increasingly trustworthy, it’s getting harder to incentivize shoppers into stores. Many retailers have turned to creating experiences that shoppers can only enjoy if they come into a physical location — experiences like VR demos. The survey tells us that purchases are a natural byproduct of an in-store trip. Finding a formula that gets people there is the challenge.”


shopping in store

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