About Odyssey

Over the past 20 years, Odyssey Partners Inc. has worked with every major national and regional retailer in Canada to become well versed in the Canadian eCommerce and retail space. Put simply, we understand omni-channel retailing.

Our team has excellent relationships at all levels of Canadian retail – including management, merchandising, marketing, operations, right down to the store level. It is through these relationships that Odyssey Partners Inc. drives the sales of our partners’ products.

  • Go-to-market

    • Market Planning and Execution
      Leverage our experience to develop a unique go-to-market strategy for your product. Odyssey’s key strengths include include eCommerce, local distribution, retailer margin, and promotional funding.

    • Retail Consulting
      Retailer terms, back end programs and marketing support vary widely from customer to customer. All have distinct advantages and pitfalls. Odyssey can help you determine which partners best suit your product and will negotiate on your behalf to ensure both success and risk are shared mutually amongst all parties.

    • Distribution Sales Management
      Choosing the right distribution partner can make or break your business. We work daily with both large and regional distributors, and can help guide you on the right fit for your product, retailer and category.
  • Sell Through Focus

    Because selling product in isn't enough

    Flyer placement is an obvious goal – but what kind of lift can you expect? Does the ROI justify the spend? Are you 100% in stock and have you taken seasonality into consideration? Please reach out to us to see how we can help drive your sales.

  • Market Development

    Public Relations

    When done well, PR is the strongest ROI that once can achieve (outside of a December flyer spot!). Odyssey has partners that are industry specific to each of the major categories of retail. Whether you are a health and wellness vendor, consumer electronics or furniture – we can help connect, develop and execute your PR campaign in Canada.

    Field Audits

    Odyssey field agents are available with an industry leading cloud reporting work flow. Access field insights 24/7, live while they happen. Whether your needs are national, regional or retailer specific, we can help.


    You've finally got the right product / market fit and have a buyer who is behind you, placed a purchase order and have shipped. Why are sales stalling? Empty shelves. What the weekly sales reports don’t tell you is that the 2 per store minimum is held up in returns and a replenishment order hasn’t been triggered. Let Odyssey field agents fix this, complete with reporting to confirm they did it.

    Assisted Sales

    Sometimes your product requires the consumer to change their behaviour, other times you’ve got a hot offer that simply needs to be communicated in store. Regardless of the message, all of our field agents are passionate, presentable and understand the importance of actionable insight in their reporting.


    You’ve spent thousands to build and ship the ultimate display. Is it properly set up in store? Is it on? Does it need to be cleaned or have a part replaced? Let our field agents and cloud reporting keep you up to date by the hour on any questions you have.

    Experiential Marketing

    Let Odyssey create a closer bond between your customer and your brand by immersing them in a memorable experience. If your goal is to stir a genuine and positive emotion within your target audience our EM agents can help make that happen through their personal approach and trusted expertise.